Austin Massage Therapist Geneva Sampson of Blum Body Therapy

Geneva Sampson

Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
Specializing in Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy

Austin Massage Therapist Geneva Sampson

Massage Therapist Geneva Sampson was recovering from a painful car accident when she first discovered the benefits of massage. "I had never received a massage before, and I was surprised at how easy it was to forget about everyday stresses during those sessions,” she says. Years later, she went on to become licensed in massage therapy and, shortly after starting her practice, she was introduced to cross fiber massage therapy. "I found it to be so effective that I decided to center my practice around that style of treatment.”

Geneva began studying CCMT in 2005 with Janine Ray, the only instructor for this technique in Texas, and she continues to perfect her assessment skills, palpation and massage technique.

Our Approach at Blum Body Therapy

The Blum philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that pain relief stems not only from treating physical ailments and injury, but by looking at the body holistically to determine what stressors could be inhibiting the body's natural healing process.


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