The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually. 

- Greg Anderson

you are a motivated, full-of-life, active individual

You love hiking the green belt. You brave the streets on your bike. You look forward to a weekly game of soccer or baseball. You want to set an example for your children to grow into health-conscious adults.

You're smart. You are fierce. You are inspired to have a full life despite what your body is communicating to you. 

What health goals do you hope to accomplish this year? What additional steps would you like to take to find total wellness? What are your plans to increase the quality of your daily movement and sleep? Let's partner up!

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How Blum Body Therapy can help

Massage and Bodywork

Perhaps you aren't quite clear on how to mitigate that annoying ache in your low back or the pain down the back of your leg, the nightly cramping in your calves and feet or that seriously irritating spot near your shoulder blade.

You'll receive a supportive, thoughtful and intentional therapeutic experience focused on getting the quality of movement you want out of your body.  You'll find the more you work with us you'll have a clearer understanding of how your movements and posture or lack thereof may contribute to your pain and discomfort. 

Have you had to back off your activity because of discomfort or fear of injury? Does your day consist of a persistent headache, reduced range of motion in your joints, or even foot cramps. We can help!

I need your help!

Health Coaching

Life truly is a journey! You've recognized during times of turmoil and stress where you've experienced growth, but what sticks in your mind are the setbacks. What you obsess over is how you can't seem to relax or find time to do the things you love or reach a certain number on the scale.

Perhaps your doctor or a loved one has implored you to make changes to your lifestyle out of fear, but what do you want?  What inspires you to make these changes?

Making changes that affect your health can be sustainable but it does take effort; it takes a support system and a mindset shift. Let's find inspiration and set actionable steps to reach your health goals. 

What lifestyle growing pains are you experiencing today? What results are you wanting to see of yourself this year? What health goals do you hope to accomplish? Let's work together!

Help me reach my goals!


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