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Comprehensive Assessment & Bodywork

If you love your outside activities, hiking the greenbelt, walking Town Lake, or teaching tennis but you don't love your body's pain signals which can interrupt these actions, then this Comprehensive Assessment is for you. During this appointment you'll learn to identify daily movements or lack thereof that may be contributing to your pain and discomfort, you'll enjoy massage and bodywork techniques that will restore structural balance and postural alignment, increase joint space and begin the process for the development of functional scar tissue. The advanced techniques used during this appointment are a fantastic way to begin the journey toward pain-free movement. 

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Starter Series

The Starter Series is an extended series of sessions that build upon what you've learned and experienced from the Comprehensive Assessment. This is a personalized plan put together by your therapist based on the Assessment findings. You'll receive continued attention to structural balance and postural alignment and more bodywork and massage for scar tissue, sprain/strain issues, and joint range of motion as well as at-home care recommendations to move the healing process along. 

Available after a Comprehensive Assessment

Well Program

The Well Program is being designed for individuals who have enjoyed the experience with Blum Body Therapy and would like to continue in an ongoing maintenance program. This is not to say that injuries won't come up, but this is a great opportunity to dedicate some space in your schedule for frequent appointments with your therapist to keep your body on track. This program is an invitation only program so that you and your therapist are able to work together on a regular basis. 

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One-on-One health Coaching

There are dimensions of your life that work like a well oiled machine and others that are frustrating. Imagine having someone along side who works for you to help you focus on where you want to go, helps to develop your strengths and find inspiration for the lifestyle changes you seek. Meet your coach. Schedule your FREE one-hour discovery session to find out if coaching is right for you. 
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