CBD and Self-Care

by Geneva Sampson | Aug 05, 2019

Hemp-derived CBD has gained so much momentum lately - we have stores popping up everywhere in Austin. You can drink it, eat it, smoke it, bathe in it, slather it...

With which parts of your self-care regimen can CBD integrate?

  • For some, a daytime dose helps to calm the nervous system to get through a travel-heavy schedule.
  • For others, a nighttime dose helps to stop the mind from racing as you try to fall into a deep and restful sleep.
  • More and more we are seeing topical applications come to market to help with acne, rosacea and dry skin.
  • And yet still there's those who use topicals for that deep chronic ache or an acute inflammatory response of kicking your toe on the corner of that chair. 

What's our take on it all?  

Each of us will respond differently to each type of application. Some people respond better to the calming effects of CBD through ingesting while someone else responds really well to the anti-inflammatory effects using a topical application. It's through trial and error that you'll find the right product with the right amounts and kinds of cannabinoid compounds for you.

If you are curious, have more questions or would like to try some topical applications let us help.

For August

We will be offering some of our favorite topical creams/salves as part of your massage. It's a free add-on to your appointment and if you come in for a Recovery Massage you'll receive even more to take home with you extending the effectiveness of your massage. FREE!

We are featuring the following CBD creams/salves this month: 

Canvas 1839

Cinnamons Botanicals

CBD Clinic


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